Saturday, 13 July 2013

fan heater wind effects in the country lanes

A scoot around some country lanes today, somewhat carefully as I've swapped over various bicycle bits. Some of the fields were looking arid from the lack of rain.

I was on a new chain and I'd swapped the rear cassette as well, plus a new cable to complete the set. It's all very quiet now, although I must admit the old cassette still looks in really good condition. I may swap it onto another bike whose rear cogs look rather damaged.

It was one of those things where it was simpler to do everything in one go, rather than have to do more later. I've got one of those TACX Spider things, which makes it a whole lot easier.
tacx 3050
The spider gadget is about the size of a golf umbrella when folded away, but makes fixing things on the bike so much easier; nothing to hold and repairs can be at a convenient height.

Today's ride reminded me of being in Joshua Tree. That sensation of stepping out of an air conditioned car into a fan heater strength desert style wind.
Okay, it was 30C today, greener and not as hot as the desert, but this English skin felt warm. Add my cycling speed meant I could get the Joshua Tree effect on the bicycle.

Makes me think it's almost time for another road trip.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Joshua Tree....So Very Beautiful and Dry!!! It was that dry today there in your part of the world? I always think of it as pretty Humid, in the summer months....!

rashbre said...

Naomi Not really like US desert, although by our normal UK standards it was fairly extreme.

I knew that my recent re-turfing of a small area of grass would be good for the British Summer.

Lady Banana said...

I really must get out on my bike again, but living where I do it's all pretty much busy roads :(

rashbre said...

Lady Banana Canal tow paths? Parks? Early Sunday morning? There are probably a few options. A simple spin around a park can be fun.

Lady Banana said...

You're absolutely right, I'm just too good at making excuses!