Saturday, 20 April 2013

We mustn't dwell. No, not today. We can't. Not on Rex Manning day.

I know, Rex Manning Day was the 8th April. It's also not my record player, but I thought I'd acknowledge that Saturday was supposed to be record store day.

Go on, put the single on while reading the rest of the post.

I even visited a record store, although if I'm truthful, it was somewhat disappointing.

It wasn't an independent store, but part of a struggling chain. The selection was limited, the emphasis was on DVDs and games software and there were only a few actual vinyls, mostly at gravity defying prices.

Not quite an Empire Records moment. I don't think even Liv Tyler and Renee Zellweger could rescue this store.

There are some good record stores left, with a buzz and vitality, but the particular shop I visited in a shopping centre lacked any real sense of purpose or enthusiasm.

Embarrassed, I left without buying anything, even after I'd both browsed and also considered a couple of targeted purchases (which were not available).

So instead, here's an old vinyl cover from 1969 that really classes as artwork.
Pink Floyd UK cover
Or maybe something by the same artists, but from the dying end of the vinyl era in 2003.
Audioslave US cover
These were both the work of Hipgnosis and Storm Thorgerson
Unfortunately, ten years on from the latter cover, my visit into the 2013 record store didn't have many creative new wonders to show.

Mainly head-shots of performers, blandly shrink-wrapped. Upper thirds bold type face. "Man in suit taking tie off against bright background".

Notice the Audioslave album doesn't even feature typography on the sleeve. Same for Zep's Houses. No words on the cover. Or Presence. Dark Side. And on.
let it bleed

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