Monday, 18 March 2013

making the powerboat picture scroll out of view

In the interests of anyone else reading this blog - and from yesterday's feedback - I thought I'd better write a slightly longer post today.

The main reason is so that yesterday's post scrolls out of view. It's all very well seeing the animated powerboat in yesterday's entry swing around for a few seconds, but it does seem to go on for an awfully long time.

So my objective is to write enough to be sure that Sunday's post has scrolled out of view.

So let's start with an update on my car. It's still broken.

I still have the white replacement car whilst they are waiting for something to be shipped from Stuttgart. Actually, I ordered some replacement ink toner last Thursday, from Hohenbrunn, Germany. That's near to Munich. It arrived on Friday via Deutsche Post, so I don't think it's the logistics of getting the parts to England.

My car is also only two years old, so I'm ruling out that the parts are hard to come by. The chap in the dealership said they don't get much call for whatever it was, hence the lengthiness of the ordering process. They've also regaled me with a story about someone's Very Posh Car that took 12 weeks to get the part. I don't want to be in that sort of competition, thank you very much.

I'm still thinking about the revenue model for all these car manufacturers as they add ever more complicated parts to the vehicles. Not being able to fix a windscreen is a case in point.
Meanwhile, in other automotive related news, we have had the little blue French car MOT-tested and it's now at the point where it's ready to sell. The shiny stylish red Italian replacement arrived on Saturday although I doubt if I'll ever get a chance to drive it. Maybe I can hum the theme tune from the Graduate when I'm a passenger in it.

Of course, the old car was a convertible with one of those fancy folding metal roofs. The new one has reverted to a panoramic sun roof, which makes it light inside without the full force of the elements. Strangely enough, now I'm cycling more, I feel I get enough of the 'open-top' experience on two wheels.

Actually, I think I got almost too much of it yesterday afternoon, until the sun eventually returned. I could gently steam on the last part of my inward trip.
focus cayo
Which will bring me to my recent cycling mileage. I've just clicked over 1,600 miles for 2013, which was my original full year target for 2012. Admittedly I exceeded the 2012 target significantly, but it's still interesting to look at the difference in my own expectations a year along.

Now, I've just been typing for ten minutes. If I add a couple of pictures to this, then the powerboat image should have scrolled out of view.

don't scroll
too far


Ellie said...

I love the title of this post. *winks*

And I also like how you state your car is still broken; though I imagine you don't like that it is still broken. I hope it is remedied soon. Maybe in time for Easter. Then you can nickname it Jesus. :-)

rashbre said...

Ellie Fortunately I'm working in central London at the moment so the car's absence isn't too troubling. I have to keep remembering to get the white car's time extended.

I've also just been contacted about some work I'm doing in Liverpool. That gets a little more problematic.