Sunday, 12 August 2012

running up that hill walking down that mountain

We crossed the border into Switzerland and I got one of those vignette things for the car so we can travel on the motorways. The backup of traffic at the Swiss border created the comedy moment of two or three major roads system narrowing to a single lane and then a right turn to a single track road to get into the country.

Today we headed for the mountains and I've got aching legs this evening to prove it. The particular mountain in question is the Weissfluhjoch at 2,693 metres high with beautiful views across various valleys and across to other peaks.
The efficiently placed signs indicated it was a 2.5 hour ascent from the valley to the peak.
I think this timing must have been for proper alpine types because my sunny descent took more than three hours, plus or minus a couple of breaks to sit and soak in the scenery.
Highly enjoyable and my boots still have that patina of mountain dust.


Pat said...

I'll bet Kate Bush didn't try running up that one:)

Lady Banana said...

You certainly visit some beautiful places! :)

rashbre said...

Both It was very scenic but deceptively steep in parts. I was wearing proper mountain boots but even so it was slippery on some of the gravel areas.