Tuesday, 7 August 2012

i seem to be in France

I'm watching a different kind of Olympic reporting now, as I'm currently in France. Coincidentally, on Sunday night (Monday early morning actually) I was close to the French TV channel that were based in a central London hotel. Today I can see their output on French telly.

It's comparatively subdued compared with the Brit coverage and you need to hunt around the channels, but I guess there's a difference in the number of wins. Because they will interview the French athletes, it's easy to spot that French tracksuit doesn't look as stylish as the Brit one. A simple blue seems to be prevalent. It's noticeably less of an event here (says a Londoner!).

But in my travels I did notice a French roundabout today resplendent with the Olympic circles. In the middle of the central one was a Union Jack flag, which would be hard to imagine in reverse in the UK.

So tonight I've enjoyed a convivial dinner, and an adjacent table full of Australians commenting on their own performance in the Games. I couldn't help notice the deceptively casual excellence of the meal and its accompanying perfectly judged wine.

I guess there's more than one way to win.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I bet it is very different, just as what we see here is very dfferent too. MUCH emphasis on the American Athletes, though they certainly do talk aboit all the other country's and giving the U.K. anf your athletes very High Msrks...
You do travel a great deal, my dear...But you seem to enjoy it, immensly--so that's good, isn't it?
A great French Dinner...who can beat that?

rashbre said...

Naomi Actually, it was quite interesting seeing some of the BBC World coverage from Germany. I expect it is because of all the broadcasting rights issues, but on the BBC World, they described the Usain Bolt 200 metre final instead of showing it. Most bizarre, although I could watch it on another channel with a German commentary,