Sunday, 13 May 2012


Team GB goody bag
I had a free goody arrive in the post yesterday. It was a sort of hand grip attachment for the Olympus OM-D camera, and it was part of an 'early adopters' incentive.

Remarkably well-engineered, it completely transforms the nature of the OM-D, which I'm already enjoying as a workman-like and svelte SLR-type camera, but with this extra set of controls it can become a somewhat chunkier format well suited to portrait format as well as landscape.

My quick test shots are a variation of those strange pictures and videos that some people take of unpacking things. My style, as when unpacking this device, is more to turn the box upside down and shake out the contents and then check that there's nothing left behind.

So as an experiment, I decided to unpack the goody bag from the Team GB concert.

First, an inevitable programme.
Team GB goody bag
And then, some magazines including a copy of Hello. Not really sure what that's about nor that I'll wade past the pictures of celebrity weddings to find out.
Team GB goody bag
Then, a collectibles album and some medals to put in it.
Team GB goody bag
There's also the well bound guide to the silent auction, which seemed to raise well over £120k on the night, plus a separate live auction where each lot generally started at about two grand and mainly topped out at about £30k. This included things like a selection of hard to get finals tickets and some side trips to New York for shopping. We kept the silver bidding pom-pom on a very short leash for this one.
Team GB goody bag
And then some attractive scarves, which most people displayed during the evening, although we seemed to get some extra ones in the bags.
Team GB goody bag
Not forgetting the chocolate (although it seems to have been eaten), the Team GB badges, an invitation to a spa, pens and a marker from writing a postcard to an athlete.
Team GB goody bag
There. Unpacked.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Great Stuff!! Love the scarves!
I can feel the excitement of the coming "Games"...Oh, I hope you are planning on going to some of the events---like, The Opening Ceremony....I had the opportunity to go to just about anything in 1984 and didn't take advantage of it. It is the one regret of my life.

Nikki-ann said...

Don't you just love goody bags?! :)

rashbre said...

Naomi : Yes, the countdown seems to be accelerating now.
Nikki-ann : Yes - quite fun to get to the seat and find the goody bag already prepared. And yes, Gary B was there.

Pat said...

I don't think I've ever had a goody bag. I feel deprived.

rashbre said...

Pat You'd better drop some hints to relatives to provide one for you at some kind of event!