Saturday, 26 May 2012

ticky tacky time

It's a sort of guilty pleasure to be viewing my way through early season Weeds on Netflix catchup.

To the extent that if I've had it on the main telly there have been occasional comments along the lines - "Is this a real show; are they allowed to say that kind of thing on American television?"

The section I've been watching is set in 2006, but I'm only on the early seasons which are set somewhere a bit like my own one-time American home in a gated community. All little boxes made of ticky-tacky plus in Weeds a mom who is also the local cannabis dealer.

It's got a single-camera look to production, some whip smart dialogue and a good smattering of brilliant one liners. It seems wrong on oh so many levels, but usually with a sparkle in the eyes.

These whole series time-shifts fix the dilemma of missing the first few episodes of a series and having to either join part way through or wait for the DVD.

I'm not so fussed about the ownership of these things, but the access to the back catalogue is very useful and makes this type of 'watch all the episodes' project very convenient.

Whether it's addictive is a whole other discussion.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

"WEEDS" is on Showtime, which is a set of channels one pays for, and they can pretty much say anything they want--just like HBO....
The first couple of seasons of "WEEDS" were the BEST, in my humble opinion! Somehow about Season 3 or 4 it began to go off the rails, for me...Other people may not feel that way. But I stopped watching after a time because it seemed rather contrived as it went on....I think the actors are ALL Wonderful! Mary Louise Parker is a really fine actress and always has been.....

rashbre said...

There's some classic scenes in the first two series - most of which are a bit unrepeatable on this blog.

One that can be is that little debating society scene where the boy says "George W Bush, that is all I have to say." and the girl storms out defeated.

I'm assuming it's best while it's still in that first Agrestic location.

I guess the weeds is multi meaning too, as in weed, widow's weeds and showing a resilience to regrow?

I'm still in the good seasons and I agree that there's some feisty acting!

Pat said...

I'm steadily working my way through Breaking Bad and - in spite of the content - find it very watchable.
I think it is valid for art to ilustrate all aspects of life and shine a strong light on the shadier parts. That said I can't watch anything to do with child abuse.

rashbre said...

Pat Breaking bad is on my list too although I think I'll have to finish one drugs related series before I start another one.