Wednesday, 16 May 2012

a new identity

I've just had a call from the people who do the passports to say that my new one is on its way. It's one of those infrequent occasions where you have to be extra careful with the paperwork and remember to use the right colour ink and so on.

I took mine to the Post Office to be checked to avoid any awkward moments. I'd actually got two separate passports because some of the countries I'd travelled to were sort of incompatible with one another.

This time I've only applied for one replacement, which feels altogether more normal (although the replacement is the so called 'jumbo' version because of that increasing use of those whole page sticker Visas instead of the little stamps).


Lady Banana said...

I've not been anywhere that requires stickers or visas for a long time :(

rashbre said...

Lady Banana I think we are seeing a 'stickers and visa arms race' as countries re-computerise and want all the latest stuff.

The stickers take a whole page though, compared with a little rubber stamp or a 'postage stamp' type visa.

In fairness, it's gone the other way with USA now, which used to have those one-pagers but now its all ESTA online applications.