Sunday, 11 March 2012

it was a dark and stormy night

empty bathroom
It's been quiet project in the background, up until now. Moving stuff out of the bathroom, ahead of redecoration.

Well, replacement, actually.

Ever since that time the bath overflowed and the ceiling below developed rivulets of water, it's been on the list.

There's a sort of frieze running around the walls, which has been painstakingly repaired with Pritt-stik and then Blu-tac at different times. The cupboard contained some potions from around 2003, which would probably have caused all manner of lively side-effects.

There was a mock cup-cake fizz-bomb in one of the cupboards which rather disappointingly became an orange shiny disk when dropped into some bath water. It was okay, but I suspect one of the magic ingredients had somehow decayed.

Then there's the loo-seat that suffered an unfortunate collapse when a friend was staying. We never did get to the bottom of it. The replacement, manufactured in Turkey, was hastily bought from a local shop and has never matched the rest of the room.

The squeaking yellow rubber ducks have been packed into a temporary crate, but I do expect them to resurface at some point after the bathtub has been replaced. It's probably also time for the swirly ceiling to go.

There's still things to decide too. Some of the tiling needs to match a new kind of wall colour. Then there's the mirror. Should it be hotel huge or something with interesting edges? Decisions...

Whilst this work proceeds, I shall try not to join the great unwashed.


Ellie said...

We only had 1 toilet in our London flat, so when we did our bathroom, we had to use a bucket for 1 day ... If you get what I mean :)

rashbre said...

Ellie Hmm, I could see some challenges if we lose water and electricity for any length of time.

Pat said...

I long for a new bathroom but the thought of them manoeuvering the old heavy bath down through the new decorations brings me out in a sweat.

rashbre said...

Pat That kind of thinking saves the need for a sauna!:-)

Nikki-ann said...

I'm sooo glad we've got 2 bathrooms (well, the 2nd is technically a "showerroom" as it has a shower, sink & toilet). I hope you'll be sharing photos of the bathroom in all it's shiny glory when it's finished!

rashbre said...

Nikki-ann Yes, we are also multi bathroomed so hopefully we won't have any unfortunate water stoppages.

Imaginography said...

"Then there's the loo-seat that suffered an unfortunate collapse when a friend was staying. We never did get to the bottom of it." Pun intended? :)

The best thing about a bathroom renovation is when it's finally done.

rashbre said...

Imaginography Absolootely, I'm not one to pooh-pooh a wee pun.