Saturday, 10 March 2012

growing younger

Sitting in a wine bar with a friend. We were sharing a bottle of something red. From Argentina. Malbec, from Adrianna's vineyard. Slightly more expensive than we'd intended, but we'd split the tab at the end.

And chatting, of course.

We're both people who have adapted our lifestyles. Set up our companies, re-jigged our ways of working. Creating our own agendas. He put it well.

"If I'd stayed doing the same thing in two years I'd have grown two years older a day at a time. This way I get to grow a day younger each day."

There is fun going forward.


Ellie said...

An excellent thought.

Ellie said...
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Nikki-ann said...

My body feels old (much older than it should!), but I like to think my mind is on the young side! :D

Imaginography said...

Love it. That is what I hope for if I could do my photography full time.

rashbre said...

All Time for a few 'age is just number' quotes (except for the Malbec, of course).