Thursday, 15 September 2011

Lanterns on the Lake - Gracious Tide, Take Me Home

Lanterns on the Lake It's a while since rashbre central featured new bands, although we've struck good here in the past with newbies who subsequently make good like Laura Marling, whose third album is just released, although with a somewhat unexpected American accent replacing Berkshire on some of her new songs.

We've also had the now global Adele featured here when she was still playing acoustic guitar and before any albums.

Right now covert agents of rashbre central are ensuring that Newcastle (rashbre north-east) gets attention as part of the new scene.

So who to include? Today's obvious choice is the not new but newly released Lanterns on the Lake, who made their debut album on an eight track recorder in various Northumberland homes including the basement of a shop on the Heaton Road.

Well, it's a lovely sonic landscape, folky but with a spectral and ringing guitar backdrop. You can hear north-eastern weather in the soundtrack and there's some of those creaks that might be instruments flexing or the hull of a slow moving ship riding the waves.

The album is called Gracious Tide, Take Me Home and its one to play and immediately enjoy. The live recording I intended to use had rather a bad bass overload on it, so here's one from Glastonbury.

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