Monday, 26 September 2011

I wake to see another pink pig fly over Battersea Power Station

Flying pig at Battersea Power Station It was one of those accidental great London moments this morning. I woke up and looked out of the window.

I could see them preparing the white bubble tents for the dance series on the adjacent land.

Then I looked towards the river.

A pig.

Not just any pig. THAT pig. The one on the cover of the Pink Floyd record.

The third most iconic London album cover (Abbey Road is number one). Number two (23 Heddon Street) is pretty good too.

But to wake up to Number Three.


At another time, the correct thing to do would be to pop along to the King William IV pub on the embankment, order a pint and play the album whilst sitting at a table on the pavement. But I had to go to work. Flying pig at Battersea Power Station


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Awwwwww, he is adorable...! I am not familiar with this pig, being an OLD he is a cutie-pie! Fabulous to see him flying through the sky, or, even just sitting there in limbo...Great thing to wake up to, my dear Rashnre!

Lady Banana said...

How lovely!

Nikki-ann said...

I'd have been rubbing my eyes and taking a second look! :)

rashbre said...

The original was for the Pink Floyd album 'Animals'. I gather the Pink Floyd were also behind this one's re-appearance.

Doris said...

And didn't the original pig blow away? Great to see that you were as impressed as I was to see the Pink Floyd one :-D

rashbre said...

Doris ...and quite a co-incidence for me to be staying opposite when Mk 2 happened.