Saturday, 18 June 2011

jumping the 'S' curve.

River Thames
Looking out across the city from the south bank, there's that shifted perspective, with the illusion to hold the city in the palm of one hand.

Look at the picture above with one eye, hold out a palm and you have the whole city before you.

Sometimes these other-views can be insightful. A way to think differently about what is happening and maybe to set new agendas.

I'm starting a few new ideas. It will force me to manage time in a different way.

Some things have to give way in order for new things to start.


Nikki-ann said...

This shot reminded me of a particular book... :)

rashbre said...

Aha - subliminal!

Phattone said...

Fuuny that depending were you stand London does seem to shift across the river. If you cross the water at Canada Water and then look at the Dome it looks like its North of the River due to the big band at Woolwich Reach.