Monday, 13 June 2011


Tiny the Lizard, for Emma-May
A few interesting exchanges over the last few days. As I go about my re-modelling project it is interesting to pick up the weak signals from others.

By weak I don’t mean they are invalid or suspect, more that they you have to look for them carefully.

It’s been interesting, because I’m really planning a bunch of new things to try but need to balance a little prudence into the equation.

Not so much caution that the lizard brain kicks in and says “Step away from that idea” or the coarser version for which “tea break's over, back on your heads” is the punchline.

No, I’m trying to define some self-initiated ways to operate a “lifestyle portfolio” that means I can balance my own control along with sensible economics.

This may all sound a bit weird in amongst my normal blog posts about London Town and suchlike. And I promise it is not some kind of meltdown.

More sensibly, I am keen to look at other ways to operate. It might take a while for any of it to start making sense.

To me, let alone any one else.

But it’s started, and that is a Good Thing.


Debra said...


rashbre said...

Debra - all good ;-)

Ellie said...

That imagine is too cool! Is it a Rashbre original? who is lucky Emma?

rashbre said...

Ellie The story of Tiny the Lizard is a rashbre special, written for Emma-May.