Thursday, 28 April 2011


I'm pretty sure this is a crow.

It's not big enough to be a raven and you only get rooks in groups. "A rook alone is a crow, crows in a group are rooks", being the obvious reminder.

It's still hard to take a picture of one in flight though.

A bit like the Royals.

In London it's not that difficult to spot various members of the Royal family from time to time. I'll include William as an example, but like the flying crow it's still difficult to get a good picture. I suppose mine, like the bird picture, are simply opportunist and unpremeditated.

So here's one of William with some of his gang and Harry with Chelsy.
more royals
See, I managed to miss completely whoever was accompanying William.

And here's one of another occasion when they two boys were out with their dad. Interesting to note that everyone is watching them.
I guess more than a few eyes will be on at least one of them tomorrow.

Not mine though because we'll be on a boat*.

*UPDATE: I am told the boat has a television.

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