Saturday, 12 February 2011


The car park by the supermarket was busy. Most people seemed to be carrying flowers and a high proportion of prominent red packaging for chocolates and heart shaped gifts.

The guy from the onsite franchised laundry was standing outside his shop and smoking a cigarette. He was already chatting when I came along to drop off some items. They were both looking at a mini car divided down the middle with one half mud-crusted and the other half glossy white. I said Hi and he walked back with me and around the corner to the shop entrance.

That's when I saw the disarray. Boxes, clothing rails, toolkits, signage.

“What’s happened?” I asked.

“We’re moving,” he replied.


“90 degrees...The shop is the wrong way around. Its being turned.”


“They set the unit down the wrong way around. The door is supposed to face directly towards the car park. Its always been wrong. They’re fixing it on Tuesday.”

A pause.

“It means your shirts will be late... but they’ll be ready on Friday.”

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