Wednesday, 16 February 2011


The Brits yesterday and some interesting turn-ups with artists that wouldn't usually be considered main-stream seemed to be winning.

Laura Marling is a case in point, right since her first rather home-assembled album, complete with all of the quirky little toys and games in the box.
Laura Marling, St James, PiccadillyForward to 2008 and us standing outside St James Church in Piccadilly before seeing both her and Mumford and Sons on the same bill. And now they've both won Vivienne Westwood designed Brits. And against international mega stars.


And to also see Adele - who we originally saw playing self-accompanied acoustic guitar blues in a different chapel - winning the whole audience with a piano accompanied solo song.

It's great to see some quality musicians and realise that Brits can still own the agenda. And I don't need much of an excuse to repost "My Manic and I".

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