Saturday, 29 January 2011


After Paris it evolved into a kind of chill-out weekend - rather literally.

A late start to Saturday and some good weather made it seem like an opportunity to step out of 25x8.

That's when I heard the ticking in the cupboard.

The control unit for the heating was protesting. First noises and then all the little words on it turning into a sort of ransom note. Needless to say it switched off the heating and water.

The 'ever-open' plumber shops were closed. They are only open until 12:00 and not at all on Sunday. I could call an emergency plumber but that would get very expensive.

Instead try switching it all off and then back on again. It's partly worked. Not properly, but survivable for a few days.

I'll call the plumbers again on Monday, but meantime I've ordered a replacement part from the internet. We'll see which works fastest.

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