Saturday, 18 September 2010

mamil moment

focus cayo
Another bright, sunny morning, although the temperature was low enough to chill my fingers as I started out for a spin today. Luckily I'd added a jumper on top of my tee-shirt, so I was soon warm enough.

I was ahead of most of the traffic again except for squirrels, ducks and pheasants and at one point a startled shrew which froze in the middle of the lane. I missed it and even missed the furry centipede that was inching across the road at another point.

There were a few other cyclists, including fully paid-up mamils who brightly sped past me. There were plenty of runners and a few dog walkers about too, and some opportunities to exchange early morning greetings.

There's a sort of protocol though, based around not startling people or interrupting peaceful reverie.

On a quiet road, my white bike is quite stealthy, so its a good idea to make gentle brake scraping sounds as one approaches, to avoid peoples' look of surprise. My silver bike is better for that because it's rather more tractor styled tyres make a gentle rumbling sound at anything over about 5 miles per hour.

I was still back before most of the area had stirred for Saturday, and next on the list will be the continuation of some domestic painting and decorating..."aahh, the smell of fresh Dulux paint in the morning"...

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