Thursday, 16 September 2010


authentic oval
There's been a gap in my blogging since I returned from Amsterdam. It's been a kind of technical exile because of the identity thief.

I first noticed a few days ago when I received a strange invoice related to an internet advanced server offering that I hadn't taken. It was way too sophisticated for me and had the hallmark of a 'pop-up store' on the internet. I contacted the supplier and explained that it was nothing to do with me. They didn't seem too surprised. But for me it was an extra $200 per month that I shouldn't be charged.

We agreed that one of my accounts had been compromised, which led to certain systems being "frozen" whilst it was investigated.

As it happens, the combination of my trackers and their hosting service journal meant it was pretty easy to trace the person who had been borrowing my bandwidth and money. It was easy to find the service, IP address and even the real email address.

The follow up is not my concern now, and I've got my money back.

However, it took me out of blogging for a few days.

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