Tuesday, 10 August 2010


hot dog at cromer
Yesterday's presentation went okay, which also meant that the agreeable business supper at a posh country home was, well, agreeable.

There's still piles of work for me to do, although it seems slightly surreal at a time when many others are enjoying summer holidays.

So today's midday deadline has also been met and tomorrow I'm heading into one of the skyscraper blocks in central London for some more presentations. Rather madly, I'm thinking how I can work a use of the London bicycles into my travel plans, but I've decided, prudently, that if I do it should be on the way back from the meeting, in case of any mishaps.

Its bad enough arriving for a meeting with a spattering of coffee, so I'm sure I could do worse based upon one of those bicycles, at least until I've had a bit more practice.

I suspect the semiotic hot dog at Cromer on Sunday was providing a warning to take care.

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