Monday, 9 August 2010

accentuate the positive

Sandringham - grey weather
I was at the Queen's place on Saturday, not Buck House, instead at the one in Norfolk nestling amongst all of the other large estates in the area.

In between our plans to have fun, I was also working and had to put aside a couple of hours during which I could concentrate on the presentation I needed for Monday.

It was one of those situations where the outcome would probably depend upon how I told the story. So to illustrate, here's a couple of my pictures whilst wandering around the Royal grounds. Neither picture is really the way it looked and in fact the two pictures are both from the self same camera shot, once with everything set to 'dismal' and the second time set to 'candy happy', so to speak.

It's something like my presentation where I had to choose an appropriate mood to convey the right impression. Not too much grey but also care not to overdo the sunshine.

If you know what I mean.
Sandringham - super saturated sun

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