Monday, 7 June 2010

movie time?

hd video edit on iPhone
I've been using one of those Flip Mino HDs for quite some time for conveniently capturing pocket-sized bits of video. It works rather well and is significantly better than the stuff one can capture in most phones - both as picture and also sound.

My guess was that the "HD type technology" of the Flip would appear in a phone, which needs a better lens and sensor, some image stabilisation and a decent way to capture sound in such a small device.

It seems that Apple have had a go in the new and finally announced iPhone and are also adding iMovie support as well as WiFi based video calling.

We all know it is still consumer based video capture, but I've been quite impressed with what can be squeezed out of the Mino format and look forward to see what can be correspondingly achieved in the new phone.

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