Friday, 16 April 2010

can only an expert deal with a problem?

Aside from work and travel, I've been editing that Edie Sedgwick Factory movie over the last few weeks and its hard to not get a immersed in the era and some of the characters, hence some of my recent posts mentioning Andy Warhol, Nico and similar.

There's a linkage from the Factory and Nico, to the Velvet Underground with Lou Reed and then to Laurie Anderson (they're married).

Circumstances have conspired against me seeing Laurie on Saturday at Rough Trade off Brick Lane, where she performs a short excerpt from her upcoming album 'Homeland'.

Fortunately, I've seen her perform the whole piece at the Barbican, and it's finally about to come out on CD - I've also figured out its not possible to wriggle into my schedule to get along.

So the video above is Nico smoking over a Bowie track in a tiny British club as a substitute for not attending the Rough Trade session, and the one below is Laurie, from Homeland, describing problems, experts and media, which somehow fits the current election run-up.

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