Saturday, 30 January 2010

Thursday Thirteen (V47) on Saturday

Royal Exchange
I've been on the road this week, and blogging has been somewhat rushed.

Giving away trade secrets, I sometimes have a post or two pre-written for emergencies and if I know I'll be busy I might preschedule one or two to appear.

That also means that anything more elaborate like this Thursday Thirteen gets bounced to when I have more time to complete the links. But here goes..

1) It feels strange that its already Saturday again. This week has sped past. Usually if I'm away on a Sunday evening it makes the week seem longer.
Royal Exchange2) My breakfast meeting at the Royal Exchange during the week caused me to speculate on the alleged changes to the economy.

With the Exchange literally across the road from the Bank of England and the old site of the London Stock Exchange, you'd expect to see early signs of returning busy power breakfasts. If I'm honest, it was still relatively quiet.

3) I've also been flying around during the week, so another working breakfast in the surroundings of Terminal Five. A few of us have an uncrowded meeting spot in the BA lounge, which we refer to as 'the usual spot'. I secretly wonder if this is a good thing?

4) When I had to change flights at one point in the week, the lady at the ticketing desk inadvertently put me back onto the same flight. Luckily, I checked the ticket whilst chatting over a drink. When I rushed to find a desk to get it changed the second time, they said they'd been 'waiting for me and would have put out a call'. A good line, in any case.

5) There's also been staccato responses from me to other bloggers' posts this week, as I browse from iPhone. I'm particularly intrigued by maximum bob's plan to write music. If writing a daily blogpost is difficult enough, writing 14+ songs in February is off the scale. Dial 11.

6) I can think of at least one other poetry-inspired person who should try that FAWM challenge.

7) Although it's interesting that the idea of 'album' now seems to imply circa 14 tracks. Someone sent me an old CD album called 'Anthem of the Sun' during the week. A full vinyl running length but just 5 tracks.

Then in late breaking news, two more surprise CDs arrived this morning. @AVG(10 + 17) = 13.5 tracks. OK I give in. (They are revision ahead of an upcoming Tindersticks concert)

8) No alarm this morning, and I was surprised that it was full sunny daylight when I awoke. Makes a change from owl spotting although it has left a dent in the day.

triangle hardback9) To my surprise, a hardback version of 'The Triangle' is up on Amazon, although I've never seen a copy.

10) Of course, eBooks are probably going to become a major trend over the next couple of years, particulalry if the *ahem* small, lightweight and slim iPad has its way. Steve Job's reaction to that scene has also been uploaded.

11) Above joking aside, I suspect rashbre central will acquire one of these iPad devices; it's at least an intriguing blogging, emailing, viewing and reading platform.

Having used the eReader, the wireless connectivity of an iPad should be a major plus point.

12) Meantime, I'll continue to read thin paperbacks when travelling. I sometimes wonder how much impact the "packability" has on my literary knowledge.

13) And now for coffee. Hand ground. It sort of completes the loop from last Sunday morning.

Gotta run.

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