Thursday, 16 July 2009

elemental sandwiched tryst and travails

pret sandwich
Yesterday I mused that I'd get some elements upon my skin today as I headed across to Canary Wharf for some meetings.

I sure did.

Brilliant confident sunshine as I started the journey; then blasts of air swirling the skyscrapers of the wharf making walked phone conversation difficult, a pause to admire the river before ferocious rain storming with horizontal lightning shards and coin sized rain bubbles frothing from the pavements.

Sandwiched between fire, wind and water.

My earthy moment was whilst I spent a few subterranean minutes in a sandwich bar - such is the design of much of the Canary Wharf complex.

Sandwiched between two sets of people.

To one side were the couple who had broken free from a nearby tower block for a tryst in a darkened corner, with much curling of arms. To the other side was the yolky salesman working extremely hard as he explained a fantastic story to a hard-boiled recipient about how life would be so much better if product X was added to the portfolio.

For the first couple, anyone could spot the intensity of a new lovers' relationship. A less clear cut story in the sales scene though. The eyes and facial gestures of the salesman suggested the hard fought story he was telling had a few fabrications along the lines of 'what does this guy want to hear'.

I could be wrong, about both, of course. But it was my one of my elemental moments in the day.

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