Friday, 13 March 2009

counting theologically perspectived buses in Oxford Street

I sometimes say that when rashbre central strays away from posting about London for too long then I'll put up a picture with a bus or a taxi in it.

As I've been away a fair bit recently (and that continues this week when I fly out again on Sunday), then its about time to bring on the buses.

And this time there's easy subject matter with the full theological debate on the streets of London, with the atheists providing one bus-sided view point and a publisher of Bibles providing another.
probably no
I gather the first advert was taken to the advertising standards authority, who ruled it fair and reasonable because it used "probably".
No such timidity from the Bible folk, who have used a rather more definitive statement.
The rashbre central bus advertising is neither one thing nor the other. And the whole episode finally gives me a chance to post Camille O'Sullivan superbly singing "God is in the House".

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