Wednesday, 11 February 2009

liquidity easement

My pretties
woke up this morning,
with no money in my shoes,
woke up this morning, yeah;
the rooster was already loose.

he'd woken up them bankers early;
they'd been at their chairman's meet.
got themselves re-mun-er-a-tion,
got themselves a money feast.

its li-li-quidity easement,
liquidity easement blues.
yeah, li-li-quidity easement,
money grabbin' blues.

my girl she has a left me,
my hound dog he did too.
the bourbon bottle's empty,
an' I can't afford no food.

they taken all my fur-ni-ture;
I'm eatin' shoe shine wax.
and all around they're tellin' me
that the moneys gone down the fax.

I got liquidity easement,
liquidity easement blues.
li-li-quidity easy meant
quick fire bonus blues.

So if you work near Wall Street
or in a big Si-tay:
then take the bonus quickly
before the money goes away.

i got liquidity easement
money printing blues.
I'm seeing all new money made,
those cats have nothin' to lose.

li-li-quidity easement,
money printing blues.
li-li-quidity easement,
snow ball bonus blues.

Written at 137 bus-stop. Use E, D and maybe an occasional A. Add table salt to taste.

n.b. I know I moved this post. It was to break up having two videos next to one another.

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