Saturday, 15 November 2008


bridge3The rashbre central parking lot is filled with convertibles today as Julie and Andrea marshall people for their next great tour with the band. I think tonight its York on the way to Newcastle and then some zig-zagging around the Northern reaches of England. I'm sure they will be all of a twitter about it later.

This originally gave me a clear run at the weekend, as one of those left behind, but a little leaflet dropped through the door this morning from the unexpectedly early Saturday postman.

One of those 'burning bridge' moments.

Last Friday we'd been at the Michelle Shocked gig, where Michelle spoke of the old song which talks about 'walking across that burning bridge' to keep friendship with someone who had moved to Alaska. Turns out that was 25 years ago and the kid in the song is now 6 feet tall. However, Michelle had recently returned from visiting the friends who now live in Missoula, Montana - which I guess gets nearly as parky as Wassila in Winter.

So, the point? The little hastily scribbled postal leaflet was from Linda, who turns out to be in the area doing some sort of arty thing -er- today. Now I haven't seen Linda for quite a long time either. Not in the Shocked realms, but maybe ten years.

"Take me to the bridge", as they say in Anchorage.

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