Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Billie Piper was here

purtonA quick spin out to the edge of the Cotswolds yesterday (well nearly), when a few of us met at the Pear Tree in Purton for a spot of supper. Its one of those places reached via lots of twisty lanes although reassuringly my Sat-Nav actually had the restaurant listed.

Apparently Purton is Anglo Saxon for pear-homestead and certainly there was evidence of pear trees around the venue, which was once the local vicarage. The adjacent local church appeared slightly odd with both a square tower and a steeple.

I mentioned the Cotswolds and certainly there's evidence of Cotswold stone in the buildings around the area, but I gather the village goes right back to the Iron age. And in time travelling tradition, rather more recently it can claim to have had Billie Piper attending school in the village.

Enjoyable company and evening with a rather long duration trip back home at the end of it.
billy piper and dalek

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