Saturday, 13 October 2007

starbucks coffee cup camera in 10 minutes

A few days ago I was musing about devising an upgrade for the juicebox spy camera to allow ease of photo shooting in public areas. I decided that the design point was to be able to improvise something in a few minutes from easily available components. Okay, I know you need a digital camera as well, but that's really the point of the post.

Walking along the street with a colourful juice box and drinking straw may be a little unusual but the preponderance of people carrying Starbucks, Costas, Pret a Manger or Coffee Nation "To-go's" is pretty high.

So here it is.

Starbuck's coffee cup camera
DSC_26371) Drink the coffee first. Mine was a grande latte. Don't try with expresso.
2) Check that the camera will actually fit into the cup. Mine did 'portrait' style.
3) Stand the camera next to the cup, observe where the lens hole need to be and tear out a small opening. Mine was right over the small logo face on the back of the cup. I tidied the hole with scissors later.
4) Grab some cardboard packing (eg from another cup) and wedge behind the camera in the cup. Mine was outer packaging from chocolate brownies (don't ask).
5) Put on the sucky lid.

And zippy clicky, you should have a working StarCam (r) (c) rashbre inc. You need to know the position of the on-off and clicker button and then simply squeeze the cup in the relevant position. Fabulously, my clicker button is right by the 'shots' tick box on the side of the cup. And when walking along, its easy enough to have one's hand around the lens area until the moment of the picture.

Just don't use the flash.

I'll see what happens in live use. You may get some pictures of me being chased by an angry crowd. Later.

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