Thursday, 24 November 2005

only one spank

explosion 1
The crazies at massively abusive i talk too much responded to my request and gave my site a blasting. Much wreckage, but I don't care - in fact I was rather amused and will claim my single spank with suitable disdain.

Their helpful comments include:

a) don't use blogger templates
b) get rid of weather pixies and clocks
c) fix the annoying sidebar problemo with wacky windows explorer - I use a mac
d) de-buttonise the sidebar

On "don't do nanoblah", I disagree -its an interesting test and creates some self discovery. On "be interesting", I can but try; I prefer to use positives rather than negatives as my medium of expression, but still find the formula of sites like the above to be entertaining.

On blogs in general, I guess I realised we go through stages from:

a) Yay it works- complete with 'Edit-me' links (my first car)
b) Why doesnt anyone read it? I'll add some things to brighten it up. (Stickers, decals, stripes and flashing lights) (my first car a month later)
c) Some one actually linked to me! I'll start writing to my audience
d) Hmm. Someone commented? This could be fun
e) Oh dear, how did it get to look like this. I really must tidy it up (the car I kept too long)
f) White with black text on a custom server. Looks like a type-written letter. (something dechromed and de-badged, with a big engine)

And for someone like me the dial is a bit wobbly and fluctuates all the way between b) and e).

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