Thursday, 3 November 2005

Black and Blue Brothers

Mitchell Brothers
Two thuggish brothers Grant and Phil Mitchell in the EastEnders soap are popular TV villains. An impressive 25.3 million viewers watched Grant attack Phil in 1994, after learning his brother was having an affair with wife Sharon. They variously left the series and returned, recently together to resume their bad'un double act.
But wait!

This week the actors playing the brothers have both allegedly been assaulted! Ross Kemp is in the headlines after his wife, Sun editor Rebekah Wade, was arrested but later released for alleged assault. Later, in an unrelated incident, a woman was cautioned by police for an alleged assault on Kemp's EastEnders co-star Steve McFadden. How wierd is that?

Another story, as Doris would say, that you can't make up!

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