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Sunday, 5 July 2020

Free eBooks by Ed Adams

Here we are, a couple of the Ed Adams novels available for free eBook download.
Click on either cover to start the free Ebook download process and join my Readers' List.

Simply put, there's two series:

The Triangle Trilogy comprises:

  • The Triangle: Money laundering within an international setting.
  • The Square: A viral nerve agent being shipped by terrorists and WMDs
  • The Circle: In the Arizona deserts, with the Navajo; about missiles stolen from storage.

They introduce characters Jake, Clare, Bigsy, Chuck Manners.

The Archangel Trilogy comprises:

  • Archangel: Biographical adventures of Russian agent who threads her way through other Triangle novels.
  • Raven: Big business gone bad and being a Freemason won't absolve you
  • Raven's Card: Tarot inspired when Russian oligarchs attempt control

More from 'The Triangle' characters, but also with Christina Nott as the Archangel agent.

There's a plenty of London scenes because I've worked and lived in London for years and it seems like a natural place to write about.

I've also travelled extensively for work and so European cities, the Middle East, the USA and Russia feature as well holiday roams (so far) around Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico (ie The Square).

Not forgetting the corridors of SI6 and GCHQ.

Oh, and the fabulous Iceland, because that's where I was on holiday before the Great Lockdown.  Whoever would have thought that Christina Nott was Icelandic?

Don't be shy, click either cover (or both!)

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