Friday, 24 May 2019

TRESemmé Erinyes reconstructing

Keratin smooth, the Furies are unleashed. Primordial endless jealous rage and vengeful destruction as 13 candidates are whittled to the set-piece two, so that 120,000 aloof members can make a final selection.

Cast Theresa May as Athena and there's the makings of an Oresteia. May believed she had already sweetened the pot four times and now has to deal with calculated opportunist mob action repositioning the Furies in society.

Like all good tragedies, the braying chorus of party members gives away too much control, allowing the vengeful trio to be stealthily disguised as a single mop headed entity. Even the Iliad didn't have such a plot twist.

Controlling the weather, the Furies manipulate the raining speculation, giving an impression of movement whilst the same old Withdrawal Agreement is lodged with the EU and UK steers towards the iceberg.

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