Sunday, 29 July 2018

would that it were so simple

There's still a storm of Trumpian fragments scattered through the news. Trump uses new noise to divert attention from whatever issue is hardening into a viewpoint. I decided to take a look at a sequence of possible inferences, stripped of all the side debates.
  1. Allegedly, Trump’s been cultivated for more than 20 years by the Russians.
  2. The cultivation was part of the long-term Kryuchkov initiative to seed more helpful ‘plants' in developed economies.
  3. Russian ambassador to US Yuri Dubinin appealed to Trump's ego so he didn’t realise he was becoming an 'object of deep study'.
  4. Trump’s ideas like 'spend more on defence and spend less on defending others' date right back to 1987. He even published a newspaper advert about it.
  5. Perhaps Russian work to gain kompromat about Trump started in 1987, when he was first involved with real-estate ideas about a Trump Tower opposite the Kremlin.
  6. At this time Putin was a KGB officer in the first directorate, running recruitment and kompromat operations in Dresden.
  7. In 1991, the Soviet Union collapses, post communist Russia begins.
  8. Between 1991 and 2009, Trump plays with the U.S. Chapter 11 company bankruptcy laws, to trim his over-leveraged debt and avoid tax.
  9. Trump needs more money so licensing deals and apartments for cash augment his casino businesses. It would be inappropriate to call any of these schemes laundering at this stage, although plenty of shell companies seem to have sprung up.
  10. Paul Manafort's plan about the ways to advance Russia by breaking up other alliances is fed towards Putin via Oleg Deripaska.
  11. Putin understands kompromat but also that as well as what you know, it’s what the other guy thinks you may know.
  12. Trump and various family members and associates have stepped into a Russian lasso but don’t realise it.
  13. Putin maintains his style of being completely 'hands off’ regarding kompromat, disinformation and hacker based influence strategies.
  14. There’s still plenty of time to pull on the rope.

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