Sunday, 13 May 2018

re cycle

My cycling fitness is starting to rise again after a longish period of inactivity. I've even started to look up some of the cycle friendly routes around this area, although I'm travelling again and won't really be able to do much cycling for another few weeks.

To my astonishment, the Strava stats show I am only about 250 miles behind my 'year to date' pace which I define as 4,000 miles. I'll need to look into that more carefully because it doesn't feel to me as if I've been cycling that much over the last few months.

Around here I'm using my rugged bike to begin with, until I know more about the quality of the cycle paths. At least I've had a few flybys on Strava, which has given me some access to other people's routes.

Handy to trace the way that 'proper cyclists' go, so that I can find the best routes without too many false starts. Once I've tried one of the proper routes, expect (at last!) to see a map.

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Pat said...

Time to get back on your bike.