Monday, 8 January 2018

its like a real smart stable genius discourse particle innit

A weird thing about reading that Fire and Fury book is the realtime rate of change.

A kind of dx/dt where the rate of page turning and passing of time destroy this brand new content in just a few days. "Best before".
  • Thursday (Day 1) : I read some previews and take them at face value as a mixed bag of truth and rumours.
  • Friday (Day 2) : A copy of the book arrives in my in tray. I start to read, but the press is already all over it leaking sections and looking for reactions.
  • Friday (Day 2 evening): Mr Trump starts his stable genius dismissal of the content. No sloppy schoolboy behaviour here. No valley-speak. Move along.
  • Saturday (Day 3) : Everyone gets lawyered up. Trump has a picture showing him with about 6-7 legal representatives.
  • Saturday (Day 3 later) : The first denials about the content trickle in. Could the author have been mistaken?
  • Sunday (Day 4): Even Mr Bannon starts to issue denials. I'm still only 2/3 of the way through.
  • Monday (Day 5): Maybe I'll finish it today. I could treat it as a work of fiction using real names, but I can't help thinking there's an awful lot of truth within.

Meanwhile, Trumpism continues to make new moves. After that rich person benefit tax relief, the middle east interventions, the shut down of the voting probe, this book must surely be a great smokescreen for the bandit business as usual?

Better call Saul.

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Pat said...

Speaking of Saul-any idea if there will be another series. I've grown rather fond of him. and Pack of Cards is so very nasty.