Wednesday, 10 January 2018

distant weather

We've been keeping a watch on the terrible weather in Southern California.

It's an area we enjoy visiting and last time we were there just over year ago we stayed for several days in Montecito, which is just along the coast from Santa Barbara.

Both towns are usually sun drenched, although last time we also saw some of the forest fires in the surrounding area. There were fire tenders all the way along the coast from around Santa Barbara right into the back of Los Angeles, where we also saw those planes that bomb the flames with water.

The last few days has seen the weather switch as heavy rain has hit the area, creating huge lethal mud slides, including right to the very Inn where we stayed.

Here's the 'now' picture showing the terrible mud which has flooded the hotel.

Contrast with the 'then' picture of the hotel when we stayed in more normal conditions:

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Nikki-ann said...

It's awful. :(