Sunday, 20 August 2017

nosediving cycling metrics but a village incentive

There's that scene in some movies when the plane is losing height fast and all the dials are going backwards indicating an imminent crash.

My cycling stats are a bit like that at the moment. I don't have proper connections to the various monitoring systems yet (flat batteries and lack of reliable wi-fi), so instead I connected the Garmin to my MacBook by a cable to download the latest sessions.

Oh dear. I won't make my annual targets this time, (except for the most basic ones).

It's the same with the Trainerroad and TrainingPeaks monitoring, where I can see my performance has dwindled away until the point where I've restarted everything again. Tomorrow I'm going to get one of the road bikes roadworthy again (pump tyres etc) and perhaps take a spin into my new cycle friendly village.

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