Tuesday, 11 July 2017

terraforming for beginners

We've still another week or so in this barn, before we temporarily move to the railway terminus by the ferry. That'll only be for a few days because we are now on the latter stages of our building project.

I say that advisedly because today we've seen a huge down pour of rain. I haven't quite mastered the roof windows here and had them tipped just too far acting as mini chutes to let the weather cascade inside.

As for the journey to London. We are further away here, but there's some fast trains on whose route we've so far made four journeys. Even the Sunday service seems okay, although the local station doesn't open its catering until 8 am.

I'm less sure about some of the roads around these here parts. My car has those sensor beeper things and driving around many of the lanes they start beeping as if to say I'm too close to the edge. Friends with longer presence in the area tell me it's normal and that most cars have a switch to turn them off.

I'm still a long way from mastery of reversing that many around here seem to manage. They glance backward and then reverse at speeds I'd consider fast even when driving forward. It is a needed skill with all of the single track lanes. Of course, this is a consequence of us choosing temporary places away from it all. Roads and travelling should be far more straightforward in a few weeks.

We've also been watching the developments as the land around our planned destination is being remodelled by the Megaratheans. Slartibartfast would be pleased with the evolving results. There'll be a couple of new ponds and a diversion of the main stream. It's all looking rather brown at the moment, but will soon become a pleasant green colour, with added paths and foliage.

All part of a plan.

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