Saturday, 1 July 2017

a very loud noise in the woods

Even in this temporary home in the woods there's obvious signs of adjacent civilisation. None so dramatic as the sound of a flight of jet planes passing by at low altitude.

I'm used to hearing planes and helicopters going about their business, but on Thursday afternoon it was different because the initial low sound just kept getting louder and louder.


I looked around the sky but couldn't see anything. I wondered why a jet plane had been allowed to fly so low.

Then, a few minutes later I heard a similar more distant sound, increasing in volume. I looked up to my right just in time to see a diamond grouping of planes banking in a curve which would disappear behind me.

This time I was aware that the sound level stayed constant and I realised that they must be turning behind me in a loop.

Sure enough, another ten seconds and I saw a block of tightly formed planes zoom through a hole in the trees and then a few seconds later a second smaller grouping.

This time I could see the planes clearly. The Red Arrows, which I assumed were at the end of a circuit from a display. No smoke trails, so it must have been the outer reaches.

I checked their calendar. They should be at Goodwood, but apparently the cloud cover was too low. Perhaps this was a substitute fly-past? Still a wow-inducing experience. They should be flying past again today in about ten minutes. This time I'll be prepared.

*Update: They just flew past on the way to their show, but were above the clouds.

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