Monday, 5 June 2017

steel and determination

Another atrocity in London, just a few bridges along from the Westminster Bridge one a few weeks ago.

A similar cowardly attack on innocents in a bustling area. Both Westminster and Borough Market are popular spots, both for tourists and Londoners alike.
My chance picture above and below are from a week or so ago when I walked past the very pub that has featured in the latest grim events.
Yesterday evening I watched the Manchester remembrance concert, wrapped in its spirit of defiance. London has the same ability to carry on, with its memories of prior incidents and campaigns.

I drove through the London City ring of steel a few days ago and remarked that it was no longer used, but still had all of its apparatus in place.

Like the removal again of rubbish bins from termini and the pervasive addition of new street bollards, we'll expect to see other changes to the streets until ways have been found to round up the current evil cowards.

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