Friday, 19 May 2017

mixtape 90s

I watched another excellent Mixtape show on Friday evening. I can't really review this because of my connections, but let's say that the gang were on top form and gave Live Theatre a fun-filled evening with 26 sketches divided into an A Side and B Side.

This show was of 90's music, permitting references to Blur, Oasis, Pulp, Spice Girls, various songs with Boom in their title and much, much more. Jessica Dawson, Natasha Haws, Caroline Liversidge, James Barton, Steven Blackshaw, Dale Jewitt and Lewis Jobson all giving lively and comedic performances.

The writers comprising (mainly) Melanie Rashbrooke, plus Nina Berry, Lee Mattinson and Alison Carr vary their sketches from cryptic, through a few easy-peasy towards downright twisted, taking and rearranging song lyrics into a sketch, which usually has nothing to do with the original track.

Then, whether it's the Jesmond jetset comparing lovers, a curious period drama about farms or even a completely repurposed version of the Macarena, there will be something for everyone.

The Golden Mixtape winners managed to get close to a full score (58/65). Teams around me maybe managed around two thirds, which was downright respectable.

I had to keep quiet about answers, and for once was in the audience instead of backstage.

Here's one of my rehearsal studio shots before all the tech was added.
As usual, the show required huge amounts of cues and tech, this time adding even more lighting and smoke to the proceedings.

Next stop, The (brand new) Peacock, @PeacockSun.

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