Monday, 17 April 2017

line of duty

I tuned into Sunday's episode of Line of Duty live. I doubt whether I'll be as keen for the multi-socked Broadchurch finale tonight.

Line of Duty blends good tv-writing with excellent casting. Jed Mercurio has created some great plot twists as well as concentrated interrogations which can themselves turn the tables on the interviewers.

There's also closing moment scenes now which are similar to the accelerations that were a factor in the original Swedish version of The Killing. Although, I found myself thinking that some of the camera angles were not as displaced and edgy as the ones being used in Mr Robot. Something to consider for Series 5. I promise I will notice.

Anyone who has watched the various series for a while will have been suitably numbed by the ending of S4Ep3 and want to know what happens next. I gather that some people were looking at IMDB to try to get advanced insights.

Like my comment about camera angles, the viewers have been piecing the events together themselves. Freeze-faming their way through some parts. Who was the person in the hoodie? Why did Balaclava Man look different? And then, remarkably, we hear the characters in the show asking similar questions.

What is good, as we move into Episode 4, is that this one is still slippery despite several good theories of whodunnit. There's still enough unexpected twists to keep interest until next week's episode, which I will again attempt to watch live.

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