Tuesday, 11 April 2017

#fitbit along the north downs way

Most days my fitbit score in steps is around the 10k mark. Sometimes its as low as 4k and occasionally it's over 15k.

It makes the starting section of the North Downs Way pretty useful because I clocked around 30k in a day, which is one of my better scores.

It just goes to show how several hours of pleasant walking can drive up the step and floor count.

Our little gang started in Farnham and primed the route for the more aggressive climbing days compared with the mainly flat but very pretty starting leg.

We were soon in the wilds, away from the noisy Surrey traffic and as well as robins, woodpeckers, sheep with new lambs, horses, bulls and the like also encountering some less expected wild animals.

Not forgetting pints of cool beer and cream tea.

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