Saturday, 15 April 2017

crate creates knee crater

Not road rash exactly. I had just been cycling, but this was in the garden afterwards.

I was carrying a crate and managed to trip over and scrape my leg along a paving stone. Falling or flying? Not quite sure.

At the time it hurt, but looked uneventful.

Indoors a few minutes later I checked and realised I'd managed to create a couple of separate scrapes with plenty of red splatterage. There were red footprints in the bathroom.

I flipped into "boy with scraped knee mode", cleaned it all up and found a plaster in one of those first aid packets. As usual, the only ones left were the really tiny ones, so today I bought some decent length fabric stretchy ones.

And a fresh tube of Germolene.

I think it was Douglas Adams who said that flying consists of falling towards the ground, but missing.


Nikki-ann said...

Ouch! I usually have the opposite problem... Only massive plasters left, but only a small one needed :D

rashbre said...

Nikki-ann - That sounds like a better type of problem.