Wednesday, 15 March 2017

triage of vinyl

Now for the vinyl rationalisation. I've invented some rules because otherwise this could be a very long process.
  • Allow an end budget of, say, 1 crate
  • Keep the albums that have a special memory 'Spark Joy' - (Wasa Wasa and other Edgar Broughton Band)
  • Keep the ones that are popularly considered classics (Sgt Pepper, LZ I, II, III, YBR etc.)
  • Keep the curios with special artwork - Ogdens Nut Gone Flake? - That Bad Japanese Michael Jackson picture vinyl
  • Consider making snapshots of a random selection of those that are borderline, but put them into the departure pile. Flickr time maybe?
  • Aside from Motown Chartbusters Volume III and the Stax Sound, remove all the compilations
  • Review those to be kept in light of CDs and remove those with decent CD alternatives (many Bowies - keep ZS, Changes, HD)
  • Re-curate the remaining Keeps so they would be an interesting assortment if on a shelf adjacent to a functioning record player
  • Grade the deselected into (a) charity shop and (b) worthy of further effort
  • Repeat the process for the 7 inch singles
Also, there's a myth that all album art was great. Some certainly were, but there was still an awful lot of utilitarian LP covers.

Below is a selection from the discards so far for any, or many, of the reasons above.

I've iPhone snapshotted a few more of the discards onto flickr for any sleeve rifflers.
Ex Vinyls - the ones that got away


colleen said...

I lost all my albums in a divorce and don't have the heart to start over. I just interviewed a musician and didn't know whether to call her new record an album or CD ... on iTunes.

Vui Nhé TV said...
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