Thursday, 9 March 2017

terms and conditions

Like many, I've probably only skim read the T&Cs for iTunes.

Its around 26,000 words now, fully a novella in length.

Robert Sikoryak has made it easy for us, by turning the whole thing into a graphic novel featuring various unauthorised appearances by superheroes.

Now some areas are melt in your mouth simple to understand, whilst others might require a few stones to be overturned.

Even in the example above, it's clearly related to United States Law and would be different for International territories such as the United Kingdom.

Snoopy or Supergirl might need Dennis, Gnasher, Biffo the Bear or even Lord Snooty to clarify.

Inevitably, various forms of Steve Jobs appear, covering all manner of topics.

Of course, the idea will probably spread to further genre.

I see that the big league Trump collection is also on its way.

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