Sunday, 19 March 2017

quantum entanglement and crate sifting

I've decided that the crate tidying is becoming something of a demonstration of quantum physics. It's that part where you have to describe the crates as a single whole rather than delve into the state of individual crates.

My upgrade on Schrödinger's equation with the cat is that these boxes are slightly see-through, so the presumptive state of an individual crate and its content can be determined through the translucent structure. Not quite as obvious as the paint can marks on the garage floor, but less opaque than a future-based alien language.

But that is only part of the story. I've decided that the crates practice quantum entanglement, where the merest change to one crate can have a ripple effect on other crates across large distances.

I'd go further and add that there are also examples of spooky actions at a distance, where something I'd done years ago might be affecting a crating outcome right now.

Schrödinger used a cat in his uncertainty example, but even with items that appear to be totally inert there's all kinds of hidden characteristics. My crates possess the normal particle physics properties. Up, Down, Bottom and Top. Oh yes, and Strangeness and Charm obviously.

But the extra properties that cause the quantum effects that ripple between the crates are the quark-like characteristics of joy, usefulness and occasionally dismay.

Here's an easy example: I open a crate. The contents represent a value. Let's say it is full of travel books. Except there's a transistor radio inside as well, and a pair of binoculars.

Yes, The ripple effect is already beginning.

In multiple directions, there has been an entangled shift within the crates.

It's still uncertain, but another travel book in a different crate wants to be reunited with the ones in this crate. The binoculars could be part of 'travel', but maybe should be with 'small domestic items', and that transistor radio could be allied to the binoculars, or maybe shouldn't be here at all?

And that's the paradox. If I try to measure this small element of the system, I am immediately confounded.

I need to view the whole crate system as a single universe (multiverse?) and expect the outcome to be predictable, but the inner machinations to be continuously varying.

But I can see all this thinking would land me in another black hole, so it may be better for me to put down the iPhone and get back to the rationalisation.

Yes, the next skip arrives Monday.

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